What Is LaserSmile?

It’s much easier to appear youthful and attractive when you have a confident, bright smile. Sadly, the aging process often results in discolored teeth, which really makes your appearance take a hit. Fortunately, cosmetic dental treatments like LaserSmile teeth whitening can bring back the sparkle in your smile. 

How did my teeth become stained?

When it comes to discolored teeth, everyone is different. There are several different things that can stain teeth, including:

  • Tobacco products
  • Genetic susceptibility
  • The aging process
  • Coffee, tea and red wine
  • Some medications like certain antibiotics and antidepressants

What is LaserSmile?

LaserSmile is the brand name of a teeth whitening system designed by a medical and dental device company called Biolase. This innovative system works through the use of a laser and a peroxide gel.

Besides its outstanding safety profile, LaserSmile is preferred by many patients because it only requires one treatment to obtain your treatment goals.

Another selling point about LaserSmile is that it is a fast treatment, normally taking under one hour to finish, while other teeth whitening systems can take twice that long.

Patients appreciate the fact that they experience less teeth sensitivity compared to other teeth whitening systems when they are treated with LaserSmile, since fewer treatments are needed.

What is the process? 

In addition to being a fast treatment, LaserSmile is a very simple system that starts with the protection of your gums using a barrier. Next, your dentist applies the whitening agent onto your teeth and uses a special hand piece equipped with a laser that activates the gel and whitens your teeth.

The laser is completely safe and only used in short bursts. Once your treatment is complete, your dentist will rinse away the whitening agent from your teeth and allow you to enjoy your new, bright smile.

Who is a candidate?

If your teeth are discolored, and you are unhappy with your smile, you would likely make a good candidate for LaserSmile teeth whitening. Those who have yellow stains often achieve the best results. 

How can I maintain my new white smile?

Once you’ve achieved the level of whitening that you desire using LaserSmile, you’ll want to do everything that you can to protect your investment and your new, bright smile.

To maintain your bright smile: 

  • Avoid smoking tobacco products
  • Find alternatives to medications that are known to stain teeth
  • Avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea and red wine

You should also practice proper oral hygiene at home by brushing at least twice a day and flossing once daily. Don’t forget to keep up with your routine dental cleaning appointments, as they allow your dental team to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.

Your LaserSmile Treatment

Do you want to see for yourself how LaserSmile can whiten your teeth and brighten your smile? Reach out to us today to schedule your LaserSmile treatment.

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