Dental Implant Retained Dentures

If you have some missing teeth, or will soon have some of your teeth extracted, you must thoroughly weigh your treatment options. One choice that may make sense for you is getting dental implant retained dentures. Let’s have a look at this teeth replacement option and what is involved with it.

What are dental implant retained dentures?

Dental implant retained dentures are a teeth replacement treatment involving placing implants within the jawbone to securely anchor the dentures, or artificial teeth. They can help in replacing an entire row of teeth or a section of missing teeth. Each dental implant has three main components:

  • Metal screw (titanium)
  • An abutment
  • Dental crown

A minor surgical procedure can be used to implant each titanium metal post into the jawbone. After the implanted post has completed the process of osseointegration, or fusing with your jawbone, you can return to have the abutment structure placed onto it. The last step in receiving an implant is when your dentist attaches a dental crown on top of the entire structure to allow you to bite and chew.

Replacing Missing Teeth With Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures make a great treatment choice for almost anyone with missing teeth. They offer a reliable and long-term teeth replacement option.


To receive dental implants, you must have enough bone density in the area of implantation. For some patients, this means periodontal disease treatment and a bone graft procedure, as some of the jawbone tends to melt away without the presence of a tooth in its socket, artificial or not.

Dental Implant Retained Dentures Benefits

Dental implant retained dentures offer numerous advantages over traditional dentures: 

Firmly Secured 

With traditional dentures, there is always the risk of slipping or shifting, which can pinch or irritate your gums. Implant retained dentures are firmly anchored within your jawbone. They can only be removed by a dentist. 

No Adhesives 

Traditional dentures require dental adhesive to create a suction effect so that they remain in place. This dental adhesive can be unpleasant and messy to use. You must also scrub it away using a brush each night before reapplying it the following day.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

With dental implant retained dentures, you can eat more of your favorite foods. There are certain kinds of foods that are hard to eat, or just frustrating to eat, when you are wearing traditional dentures. Dentures are notorious for causing irritation when wearers eat foods containing seeds that tend to stick under the dentures.

What if I’m missing all of my lower teeth?

Some people find it hard to eat when they have lower dentures. When you are missing all of your lower teeth, there are a few implant retained denture options, such as:

  • Ball attachment denture
  • Bar attachment denture
  • Screw-retained denture

What if I’m missing all of my upper teeth?

Since the upper jawbone is not as hard as the lower jaw, more implants are often needed for the support of dentures. Some options for those missing all of their upper teeth include:

  • Implant retained upper denture
  • Individual upper dental implants

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