Dental Sealants

If there was a simple and inexpensive way to prevent up to 80% of cavities, would you be interested? This treatment is actually available now. Dental sealants help to lock out the oral bacteria that cause tooth decay.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are a coat of plastic placed over teeth, typically the back molars, to prevent tooth decay. Your dentist paints the dental sealant onto your teeth, and the sealant hardens to provide a protective barrier against tooth decay.

Dental Sealants Fast Facts:

  • Fast and inexpensive treatment
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • No drilling or anesthesia required
  • Long lifespan
  • Easily repaired

Prevents Plaque Buildup

Since dental sealants are placed onto the surface of teeth, they provide maximum protection for your tooth enamel. Sealants prevent food debris and plaque from accumulating. They help prevent dental problems like cavities and the need for dental crowns and root canal procedures.

Long Lifespan

Dental sealants can last anywhere from five to 10 years. However, you must visit periodically with your dentist to check on their condition. This is typically done twice annually. If there is considerable wear with your sealants, your dentist can make the needed adjustments.

Easily Repaired

Sealants require less maintenance than other dental procedures. If they become worn down or chipped, your dentist can easily repair them. They will simply add additional sealant in areas where it has thinned out to ensure that your teeth remain protected.

Prevents Cracks

If you consume harmful foods, it is sometimes possible to develop cracks in your teeth. Dental sealants offer an additional layer of strength and protection to make it less likely that your teeth become damaged.

Who can get dental sealants?

Both kids and adults can benefit from getting dental sealants. Once your child’s first molars have arrived, sealing them with a dental sealant can help ensure that they remain free from cavities. Avoiding unnecessary dental work means that dental sealants often pay for themselves.

Dental Sealants for Children

Although dental sealants are available for adults, they are most commonly used for young children. One of the main reasons is that children tend to be less diligent about brushing and flossing their teeth, making the harder-to-reach back molars more susceptible to tooth decay.

Dental Sealants for Adults

Adults also benefit from dental sealants, particularly those who do not always practice proper oral hygiene. The process of placing dental sealants is exactly the same for both children and adults.

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The entire process should only take a few minutes to complete.


Although dental sealants are effective, they are not permanent. They will gradually wear away, as you bite and chew your food over the following years. However, sealants can be expected to last anywhere from five to 10 years before another application is necessary.

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