Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures are designed to enhance the strength and support of dentures. As with removable types, hybrid dentures rest over the teeth and gums. The main difference is that hybrid dentures are fixed – only your dentist can remove them – and they are anchored with dental implants.

How Hybrid Dentures Work

To receive hybrid dentures, your dentist would place as many as six dental implants within your jawbone, providing a firm base of support for your dentures.

Hybrid Dentures Benefits

  • Anchored by sturdy implants
  • Allow you to speak, chew, and bite normally
  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem

Dental Implants

To place the dental implants needed to support your hybrid dentures, you would need at least two dental appointments. At your first visit, your dentist will implant metal rods into your jawbone. These implants are normally made from a titanium alloy, which is strong and biocompatible. 

Your dentist will also place a connecting structure called an abutment over the metal rods. At your final appointment, your dentist will place dental crowns onto the abutment structures, completing the dental implants.

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Bone Grafting

Some patients require a bone graft procedure before receiving dental implants because they have lost bone density due to missing teeth. If you require a bone graft, your dentist would place donor bone into the area that needs strengthening. In a few weeks or months, your jawbone will integrate with this donor bone, allowing you to return to have your dental implants placed in preparation for your hybrid dentures.

Hybrid Dentures: Pros

Hybrid dentures provide great support because they are directly screwed into dental implants. Although other types of dentures can become dislodged during everyday functions like eating or talking, hybrid dentures are sturdy. 

Besides their sturdiness, hybrid dentures look and feel just like natural teeth. Since hybrid dentures, unlike snap-in dentures, are not covering the roof of your mouth, you can more easily enjoy activities like eating and drinking. You will not have to worry about using denture adhesives to secure your dentures, as that is done by the dental implants.

Another benefit of hybrid dentures is that it eliminates gum irritation, which often occurs when dentures slip. It also increases your bite strength so that you can enjoy more of your favorite foods. 

Hybrid Dentures: Cons 

For most patients, the benefits of hybrid dentures far outweigh the disadvantages; however, hybrid dentures can sometimes allow food particles to become trapped underneath, potentially leading to discomfort. To maintain your hybrid dentures, be sure that you regularly brush and floss, as well as maintain your routine dental cleaning appointments.

Your Consultation

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