Denture Relines

Dentures are a fine way of replacing missing natural teeth for many people. They can safely and effectively replace any of your lost teeth so that you regain the appearance of that confident, dazzling smile. Although dentures can last for several years, they may need some periodic maintenance, such as denture relining.

What is denture relining?

If you have dentures, you’ll need to have them relined at a certain point. This is because the gums and bones that support your dentures can change, causing your dentures to fit improperly. Denture relining is a technique that adjusts the internal base of the denture with acrylic resin.

If your dentures are relined, it will not affect their appearance. What relining does is adjust the base of the denture to better hold the changed shape of your gums.

A denture reline makes your dentures rest better and more comfortably within your mouth so that you can eat and talk better, and maintain your dental hygiene.

There are three types of denture relining:

  • Hard reline
  • Soft reline
  • Temporary reline

Hard Reline

If you have a complete set of dentures, you’ll require a hard reline about once every two years. For a hard reline, your dentist will remove some plastic from your dentures. Using putty, they will create an impression at the spot where your dentures may contact with your gum tissue. Your dentist then replaces this putty with acrylic, effectively giving you a set of hard dentures.

Soft Reline

If your dentures are giving you trouble and causing soreness, a soft denture reline may help. If you are getting a soft reline, your dentist will use a soft and pliable material like wax or rubber instead of acrylic to reline your dentures. Soft relines need more adjustments and typically last for a year or two. 

Temporary Reline

If it has been a very long time since your dentures were serviced, you may need a temporary reline. If so, you are likely suffering from very sore gums. To reduce gum inflammation, your dentist will reline your dentures with a medicated material.

Temporary relines are meant to last just a few weeks until your healing is completed. When you have healed, you’ll need another reline. You’ll need to return to your dentist to receive new dentures or possibly a hard reline. 

For More Information

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